1970s Wine Chiffon and Velvet Jean Varon Dress

By total coincidence todays vintage Friday frock is from the same seller as last weeks.

I just couldn’t resist the out and out drama of this Jean Varon dress. With a plum wine coloured velvet bodice and chiffon skirt and trim. It also has the most amazing leg o’mutton sleeves. I’ve been obsessed with leg o’mutton sleeves since I was a little girl, I need to buy some for my wardrobe.

This one, sadly, will be far too small for me. But its perfect owner must be out there somewhere….

1970s Jean Varon Wine Chiffon Dress £124.95

jean varon



One thought on “1970s Wine Chiffon and Velvet Jean Varon Dress

  1. I need to rob a bank or something! WANT.