Erdem Green Carpet Challenge 1950s Inspired Embroidered Satin Dress

It’s ok, if you spend your lifes savings on this dress you will not only be saving the plant, but donating to RED, an AIDS charity set up in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver.

This dress is made from an eco friendly NewLife fabric, blended with a touch of silk. It is embroidered and trimmed with OEKO-TEX® approved lace (I looked them up, it means the fabric has been tested for harmful ingredients and is environmentally friendly and socially responsible)

It’s also gorgeous, full skirted 50s style, with a high pointed collar, which is so cute, and lots of beautiful embroidery. Maybe one for the wedding dress list (how many times can you get married?)

Erdem 1950s Inspired Embroidered Satin Dress £3640

Erdem Black and White Dress 50s style


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