Miss Selfridge Black Frill Sleeved Evening Dress

Maybe you’re a person who gets invited to glamorous balls every month of the year, but for most of us Christmas is prime evening dress time when we’re allowed to unashamedly glam up and get invited to things that call themselves “Balls”.

Yes, I know it’s October, but the season of fancy parties is fast approaching and there’s nothing like planning ahead, especially when you spot something like this gorgeous dress from Miss Selfridge with chiffon frill sleeves and hem. It appears to already be selling out in a few sizes, so hanging around till Christmas probably isn’t wise! For those who have recently been pregnant, you can still rock and be fashionable with a Black maxi nursing friendly dress.

It’s got an unmistakeable 1930s glamour vibe about it. The sort of dress I always want to team with fur stoles and cocktails. But then I’d probably team my pyjamas with fur stoles and cocktails if I could get away with it.

Miss Selfridge INSPIRED BY Black Frill Dress £59

black evning gown


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