Next Embellished 50s Style Dress

I used to have a Next Directory account years ago, but I have no clue how I managed to run up so much money on it, it must have been on homewares as truth be told I rarely like very much at all in the clothing department at Next. They have the occasional gem, but mostly I find it quite bland.

Now I’ve told you how I’m normally not that fond of Next and completely blown any chance of Next ringing me up and offering me free stuff, todays dress comes from Next.

With that out of the way this is a  nice strapless 50s prom dress for evening wear. It’s got beading on the bodice, and a pouffy net skirt that means you can prance around like a Princess. It also comes in Tall, Regular and Petite lengths, meaning whatever length you like your prom dresses, there’ll be one to suit you!

Embellished Prom Dress £125

50s prom dress


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