Per Una Red Fit & Flare Textured Dress

Per Una is a curvy girls secret, as one of the only High Street stores to cut with a 10″ waist to hip difference. Marks & Spencer don’t always get it right, but it’s always worth taking a look, and they’re excellent for basics.

Not that the waist to hip will matter much with this. It’s another dress that’s perfect easy every day wear. With a pair of seamed stockings and a lace up brogue it’s got a great 1940s vibe, with it’s slightly fuller than A-line skirt and fitted bodice.

The reviews on this mention the sizing a lot, it seems you need to buy a size smaller, which is something I do find with Marks & Spencer a lot, they are demons for vanity sizing. The reviews also mention the skirt being long, HALLELUJAH!

Per Una Red Fit & Flare Textured Dress £49.50

red fit and flare


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