SALE: Boden Swishy Dress

Oooh, I had my eye on this dress all last Summer, and now it’s been massively reduced (and I still can’t afford it, damn you Christmas!)

If I can afford it before everyone else snaps it up then it will be mine, oh yes.

I mostly like that this dress is just called the “swishy dress” because everyone needs a swishy dress. I do love a good swish. This is probably most suited to warmer days, but that’s ok, because they’re definitely coming very, very soon. By the end of March we’ll have forgotten all about bitterly cold winds and threats of snow.

This comes in pink and blue, and there’s still a really good range of sizes in all lengths available, so definitely worth a look.

Boden Swishy Dress £129 £38.70



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