Vintage 1930s Feedsack dress

This is a gorgeous 1930s dress for summer made of a pretty floral feedsack material.

The 1930s seem very glamorous sometimes, all cocktail parties and cigarette holders, but for an awful lot of people times were very hard and feedsack dresses sum that up for me. Women started making clothing out of old feedsacks, as that was the only material they had to hand. In turn, enterprising feed producers started making their sacks out of pretty materials to get an edge over the competition.

This one has contrast lines at the collar and a pleated skirt. It’s a slightly larger size, with a 38″ bust and 32″ waist and is on sale at Trunk of Dresses for around £80, a price that would probably have been outrageous to its original wearer, but in the modern world of vintage isn’t that bad.

1930s Floral Feedsack Dress approx £80


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