YMC Bone Print Wool Dress

I want this dress so badly that it hurts a little bit. LOOK AT IT!

It’s like a 50s style black wool dress, high neck, all lady like, except covered in a print of bones, and not comedy skull and cross bones, they look like the sort of thing you see in the Natural History Museum.

I want to wear this with really cool tights in the Autumn and a little 1950s handbag.

Of course, I’ll do no such thing as it costs £450. There are a limited number of things I am allowed to spend £450 on and dresses printed with bones aren’t on the list. At least they weren’t last time I checked.

YMC Bone Print Wool Dress £450

Bones Dress



One thought on “YMC Bone Print Wool Dress

  1. Oh sweet lovliness that is beautiful and just the right side of creepy with the animal spine print. I want it too!!
    But like you, I suspect many other womesn, the £450 price tag is somewhat beyond my reach.
    It’s still stunning though. Perhaps I will have to turn my hand to creating my own 🙂