All the dresses is a blog about dresses. Pure and simple.

Because we all love dresses.

My name is Gemma and I’m a full time writer and blogger with websites including Retro Chick, one of the top UK Fashion blogs with a focus on vintage style, Vintage Norwich, a magazine site about vintage events in my home town of Norwich, and Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra, my personal blog about exercise and weight loss. I spend a lot of time every day looking at dresses that I might or might not buy, wearing dresses and a disturbing amount thinking about dresses. Occasionally I might pop on a skirt, or even a pair of trousers, but dresses is where my true love really lies.

This blog brings you a different gorgeous dress every day, high street dresses, vintage dresses and designer dresses. Many of them will be in a vintage style, as that’s my personal taste, but I won’t turn down a pretty frock whatever it’s provenance. You’ll also find fuller reviews of dresses I own.

Affiliates and links

This site earns revenue using Skimlinks and other affiliate networks. Besides display advertising and other paid sponsorships declared in the text of a post, I sometimes get paid a commission if you purchase a product or service that I link to in the content. All posts are driven by editorial content, and if a post is specifically sponsored by a company then it will be marked as such in the footer of the post.

I use Skimlinks to help automate the process of linking to products as it means I do not directly create affiliate links myself, but my content can be monetised if a retailer I write about has an affiliate scheme.

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