ASOS Lace Cape Midi Dress

There was a time when I was a little crazy for clothing with capes attached to them. They have a beautiful 1930s feel. I hadn’t seen any around for ages, then this beauty popped up on ASOS.

I feel like it is the most beautiful dress I’ve seen in a while. Is it appropriate for popping to the shops, probably not. Is it appropriate for popping to the pub, probably still no. It’s probably even too fancy to wear out to dinner. Which leaves me desperately thinking of places to wear it. None of my inconsiderate friends are getting married this year. I have no fancy parties to go to. I could buy it and hope for another heat wave, because delicate whisps of lace trimmed chiffon are suitable for all occasions in the middle of a heat wave.

Alternatively I could just buy it and leave it permanently hanging on the back of my bedroom door so I can regularly admire its beauty. Honestly, this is the sort of dress you have to just get and then wait for the occasion to wear it, because you know when the occasion does come up there won’t be a beautiful mint green chiffon lace edged cape dress to be found anywhere.

I love how it’s backless underneath the “cape” and it has flattering fluted seaming around the skirt, that probably has a name, if only I knew what it was. It’s perfect for the approaching spring with its pastel shades. I’d wear it with pearls and nude accessories, or gold for extra glam.

ASOS Lace Cape Midi Dress


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