Hell Bunny Foxy Dress Review

Recently Attitude Clothing asked me to chose something from their website, so I picked out the Hell Bunny Foxy Dress for it’s irresistably cute print and 50s style.

I ordered a Medium, which equates to a size 12, and it was a perfect fit so it seems to run true to size. I liked that the straps were adjustable my means of 2 buttons on the inside of the dress so you could make them longer or shorter to fit. I needed to keep mine longer, as I’m quite long waisted and the dress needs to sit on your natural waist but I know a lot of people have problems with straps slipping off their shoulders or shorter waists so they want to raise the bodice a little, so this is a great feature for a dress to have.

Attitude clothing

There are 2 cute bows at the front of the straps. Not being a bow person I snipped these off, but other people I spoke to thought the bows were a cute addition, so that’s really down to personal preference, though they don’t sit smoothly under a cardigan if you leave them on.

The fabric of the dress was reasonable quality for the price and didn’t crease too badly, and the finishes and seams all looked good. My only problem was that the zip just would not stay done up at the back. The dress wasn’t too tight, but at the slightest resistance it just undid! I meant to put a hook on it, but forgot, so thankfully I was wearing a cardigan because I spent half the day rezipping it. The addition of a hook or a safety pin should fix that problem, but it would have been nice for the dress to come with a hook and eye already for a bit of extra security.

For the price this is a great dress in a fabulous print.

You can buy the Hell Bunny Foxy Dress for £44.99 at Attitude Clothing.


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