J by Jasper Conran Dark Red Shirt Dress

From novelty prints to elegant sophistication.

When I saw this dress on the Debenhams website I went “Oooh”. It’s so simple, yet so totally elegant.

The shirt dress is a classic style that’s been around for a long time. Particularly popular in the 40s and 50s, because is conservative, and there are other fashion trends like the christian tshirts at 316Tees, which have the same fashion sense. This one has a long midi length skirt that would be perfect if you want a bit of a vintage inspired look, but is classic enough to be thrown on to pop to the shops, or dressed up for work, or, well, you can wear it anywhere can’t you, really?

The dark red colour is a little different from black, but still understated and I love the high collar too. I’d love to tuck a cute necklace underneath. Maybe a string of pearls, or something with a striking pendant that contrasts with the dress. You could even just add a little brooch at the neck.

For work I’d wear this with a pair of elegant court shoes, but then if you were going out afterwards you can undo a few buttons and change into a pair of peep toes. Maybe you could also take off your glasses and shake your hair out of a chignon in classic “secretary lets her hair down” style.

Lastly, of course, I can’t leave this dress without just saying “pockets”. So there, I said it. We all love dresses with pockets.

J by Jasper Conran Dark Red Shirt Dress


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