Rockabilly Swallow Print Fishtail Wiggle Dress

Swallows are a classic Rockabilly motif, and I love the way they are worked into this wiggle dress in a fabric that also has an almost Art Nouveau feel to it with the swirls in the background.

This is not a dress for the shy and retiring! With it’s fitted wiggle shape and flouncy hem it’s pretty much going to scream LOOK AT ME! You can go full on Rockabilly with big hair and cats eye glasses, or keep the hair and make up simple, but either way you are not fading into the background in this dress!

Personally I’d wear it with black courts, sleek hair and red lipstick for smouldering after dark style, but I can also imagine it with cork soled platforms and cats eye sunglasses for a day time rockabilly look.

Ariel Black Swallow Print Fishtail Wiggle Dress

Swallow Print Fish Tail Dress


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